Monday, November 5, 2012

First Glimpse

Against my better judgement, I am posting pics of my unfinished house.  I've had several people ask me, so here they are.

This is our guest room.  My in-laws are coming in this weekend, so I wanted everything to be ready for them.  It's probably the most finished room in the house.

Guest bath

Entry.  I just ordered a rug, so hopefully it will be in before this weekend, but we'll see.  Everything on this table is from my mom's house except the frame.  I've stolen a lot from her this last week...  

One of the least finished rooms is our master bedroom.  My mom is finishing up our curtains and we still need bedside lamps, so this pic is just to show you the pretty color we painted it.  We refinished all the furniture ourselves.  I still have to put a dark wax over it to give it some depth, but so far we LOVE our room!  The rocking chair is from my grandparents' front porch from their house in the Mississippi country.  Lots of great memories and it just happens to match!

Living room.  My dad built that entertainment center for us- he's amazing!  Please ignore the too-short curtains... we are going to add a paisley print to the bottom that matches our pillows.   

This is my pride and joy.  I am thrilled at how this wall came out.  All of the photos are from our travels to Mexico, Germany, Ireland, and England.  I still have to figure out what to do with the top of the dresser, but I love it so far.  This is the dresser from our old bedroom and we're using it as our DVD storage.  All our old furniture is being put to good use.  

And there you have it... a few pics to tide you over until I get everything finished and cleaned up for this weekend.  I hope you like what I've done so far!